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Here at Brisbane Collision Centre, we understand just how stressful vehicle accidents can be and that is why we do everything possible to make the whole repair experience as seamless and pleasant as we are able. We really appreciate the time that many of our satisfied customers have taken to provide us with feedback concerning their experience of using our services.

Our team knows that the best form of advertising is the many recommendations that we receive from our customers to their friends, family and work colleagues. Please take some time to review some of the testimonials that we have recently received.

"I am extremely happy with the repairs and customer service I received from Brisbane Collision Centre. The repairs were done very quickly and it was excellent to be kept so well 'in the loop’'with the progress of the repairs. I have had repairs done previously (at another repairer in Cairns) and the process really dragged out and I had to chase them for information about the progress, so I very much appreciate the thought that went into meeting my needs as a customer. The car has come back extremely clean (detailed inside and out) which was a very nice surprise and is very much appreciated. Should I require repairs in the future, I will return to Brisbane Collision Centre. Thank you." - Carmen B

"Thank you, more than happy and will refer your business to our many clients in our business. Once again, thank you. Regards," Margaret M"

"Many thanks for your email and for the work your company did. We are very happy with the results and grateful that you were able to complete the work in a shorter time than was predicted. If we ever need such services, we shall certainly ask for Brisbane Collision Centre. We are most grateful. May I also say that the employees of Brisbane Collision Centre with whom I spoke were excellent they were polite, helpful and very professional in their approach. You may have been one of them, and there was also a young gentleman who deserves acknowledgement. Kind regards," Barbara J

"Thank you, Leigh, and all members of staff who helped in getting my vehicle back on the road. I am so happy with the result and feel as though you have handed me back a new car!  All seems to be working beautifully and I would have no hesitation in contacting Brisbane Collision Centre should I need a repairer in the future." - Annabelle S

"We have been very happy with Brisbane Collision Centre and the repairs to our car. We would certainly recommend you to others who need car or smash repairs. Best wishes," Erica S

"I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to Paul and all the team there at Brisbane Collision Centre, for your incredible service when looking after my old Toyota Cressida this week. I picked it up this afternoon and couldn't be happier with the meticulous detail in the work done and I can’t compliment Paul highly enough for his level of professionalism when dealing with customers. In such situations, it's great to have a team of professionals to assist through every step of the process, with such a caring and friendly attitude. Thank you again for your great work and I certainly would recommend your company to anybody who would require any vehicle repairs. Hope to see you again. Not too soon though. Kindest Regards," David H

"Thanks for your email. I'm happy with the repairs that you guys have done to my car and will most probably prefer you guys next time as well. Regards," Madhan N

"Thank you, Leigh, yes all has gone well and we are happy to date with the repairs. Regards," Steven M

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the work you did on my Suzuki, it looks great! Kind regards," Emily W

"A big thank you to you and all of the staff at Brisbane collision service. Your communication with me was great, my daughter is very pleased with her car. Once again thank you all. Regards," Monique D

"A very big thank you to you and your team for efficiently facilitating the repair of my Corolla. I am extremely pleased with both the excellent repair and service provided. Kind regards, Alison L"

"Yes I was very pleased the repairs done thank you. Also I would like to add that the 'people' service was excellent! I do have other areas of the car that do need repairs so will be bringing back my car for a quote. Regards, Kym M"

"Thank you so much for your brilliant customer service – I am not well-versed in mechanics nor the terms used in insurance claims, so was just a bit worried about the process. You both understood my concerns, and I am grateful for your kindness and professionalism. My sincere appreciation and apologies for the disgraceful state of the vehicle! Best wishes, Heather B"

"Please accept my sincere note of thanks for the superb work carried out by your team to my 2nd best friend, "My Sportivo".  Time goes by and life gets busy but I wanted to catch the first opportunity to sit and consider my reactions, feelings and thoughts as a consequence of being one of your loyal customers.

As you are aware, this is my second experience with BCC and just like the first, the entire experience was seamless.   The previous repairs to the Honda required a high level of forthright diplomacy with the Insurance Assessor and a genuine commitment to standing your ground to ensure that we received the best outcome and the right outcome.

From the moment of arrival to the day of collection, the service was impeccable.  More and more these days, service is lost to the quick turn-around, dollar grab and general overwhelming lack of pride and satisfaction for a job done well.  The enthusiasm and self-pride that exudes from your staff when they discuss, in detail, what has been done to your vehicle, is so refreshing and so unique.  When you see the outpouring of pride in workmanship and best practise, it goes further than the person who is treating you with respect and dignity. It shows a boundless respect for all of the team that work together to bring about the final delivered outcome.

I need to mention that as a mature woman, the time taken and care to explain the finer details of what work was carried out and the level of care that has been taken to ensure the finished product is refreshingly rare and so respectful.  When it comes to things of a technical nature, women are labelled and filed away in the too hard basket.  In my case, I have had a career in the construction industry in a technical capacity, so technical explanations are not lost on me...nor are they lost on lots of other professional women.  In addition, it is a hurtful judgement to assume that the woman you are speaking with "won't get it".

You are to be congratulated for your personal sense of decency and commitment to providing a service that is, in my opinion, second to none.

I have been in business as an owner operator for 40 years.  I know what it is to achieve a successful and profitable business.  I know that you only get back in proportion to what you give.  You obviously work on that same belief because you give in ways that leave a mark on each and every customer who gets lucky and finds you.  To permanently employ so many employees over so many years requires a profitable business based on astute business management skills.  You can't make a profit if you're going broke and more importantly, you can't employ workers if the business model isn't profitable.  Customers are always looking for the cheap deal or the quick fix.  There are always those who would choose the shortcut merchant.  For those, I would say that we always get what we deserve.

Your attitude and approach to your business practise illustrates so many aspects of you personally and your business ethics.  The saying "A Fish Smells from the Head Down" is so true.  Employees will only be as good as the leadership they receive.  I have set my bar high and believe that to achieve more you need to give more.  Like you, that has ensured my business success and always will.

As a close, I thank you for your outstanding service but hope that I won't have the need to use your services any time soon. Unless, of course, I just need you to make her look all shiny and new again.

I have and will continue to sing your praises whenever and wherever I can.

Yours sincerely,


"Thanks to everyone involved in making my girl back to her sexy self!! Can't thank u enough - absolutely beautiful impeccable work and the best customer service I have had by far in many years!! Well done and thank you to everyone at Brisbane Collision Centre"- Angel M

"Thanks, Woody and BCC, its glowing again, eyesight in the traffic and tunnels on the way back to work." - Rodney T

"Had my car sent to these guys after another place (Cambridge Collision Centre) had not fixed my car correctly. These guys fixed my car, made it all shiny and beautiful and lovely, so I am extremely happy and grateful! Thanks so much :)” - Kirra L

"I have just had work done /repaired to the front end of my Camry!! Impressed is an understatement, the work was A grade!! They even detailed the inside of my car which was not expected but much appreciated!! Thanks, BCC - really happy customer!” - Aaron C

"Got my car back this afternoon it looks like a brand new car you guys have done an awesome job thank you. I will recommend you guys to anyone I know that needs work done on their car and if I need it you guys will be the ones to do it.” - Jamie G

"Hi Leigh, we are very happy to finally have the car repaired as it should have been last year, it is a shame that it was not given to you to do in the first place, if ever the need arises I will most assuredly insist that the work is done by Brisbane Collisions, it is a joy that the front door finally had the "check strap" fitted, only took 15yrs, and the door no longer shuts on passengers legs!  Thank you again, regards, Yvonne"

"Dear Leigh, we are extremely happy with the service and workmanship carried out by Brisbane Collision Centre and will have no hesitation in using you again. Kind regards, Robin and Janet S"

We sincerely hope that you will trust us to take care of your car body and other vehicle repairs in the near future. Our helpful and friendly team are waiting to hear from you.  Call us today on 07 3848 4848

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