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During our many years in the auto body and car repairs industry, we at Brisbane Collision Centre have often been asked for advice and information concerning many aspects of the services that we provide. Here, we’ve put together a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. 

We are here to assist you in any way that we can concerning all aspects of the services that we provide and we welcome all of your enquiries. If you have a specific issue with your vehicle following a collision or you are considering remedial paintwork, we will be pleased to see you at our workshops during business hours to provide you with a free quote.

Are you an approved repairer for my insurance company?
Yes, we do work for all major insurance companies.
How long does it take to repair my vehicle?
All accidents are different and it is very difficult to determine exactly how long repairs will take. We will give you an approximate time of completion for your vehicle; however, many outside forces control this as far as parts supply. If there are delays due to supply issues for parts or additional unseen damage, you will be notified immediately. We utilise an email/SMS notification system to keep customers up to date with their vehicle repairs. Vehicles are generally ready at 3:00pm on the delivery date.
Can the estimated amount for my repairs change?
Our estimates are based on visual inspection only. Further damage may be found upon dismantling your vehicle.
Do you supply courtesy or hire vehicles?
No, we do not supply courtesy vehicles. Please note that most insurance companies will supply hire vehicles if you pay extra on your insurance policy premium. If the accident wasn’t your fault then there are free third party hire car options now available - please ring us for more information. If that isn't an option for you, then we can recommend a rental company that offers our customers discounted rental cars.
Do I have a choice about where my car is repaired?
Not all insurance companies will allow you to have your car repaired where you choose. Our advice is to make sure when buying insurance you select one that allows you the freedom of choice of repairer and exercise this right.
Will genuine parts be used on my vehicle?
Yes, we use genuine parts wherever we can; however, some insurance policies determine what parts have to be used on your vehicle. We recommend checking your policy in regards to genuine parts when purchasing your insurance policy.
Are the repairs on my vehicle guaranteed?
Yes, we guarantee all repairs.
How can I pay my excess?
We accept cash, credit cards (except American Express or Diners Club) and EFTPOS.  We do have a 1.5% surcharge if you use a credit card.  We only accept company cheques.
Can I inspect my vehicle during repairs?
Yes, we are more than happy for customers to inspect their vehicle during repairs.

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